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Caglar Kimyoncu has been filming and photographing Shirley McNamara for over 15 years as she spins family yarns and long tall stories to her daughter Julie Mc. The footage has been incorporated into a documentary of the making of theatre piece 'Let Me Stay' - translated via Alzheimer's and peppered with a unique humour.

Still from 'Let Me Stay' filmed by Caglar Kimyoncu 2013

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Still picture by Mahdi Fleifel from 'Shadi In The Beautiful Well'

Disability Film Feast

Creators of London’s Disability Film Festival at The Lux, NFT1 and latterly BFI:Caglar Kimyoncu and Julie McNamara returned to BFI in 2012 to curate the best of the fests. In partnership with the Mayor of London's Liberty Festival, BFI presented two great feature films: The Hammer and Yo Tambien along with two exciting 90-minute shorts programmes celebrating the extraordinary talent and imagination of disabled filmmakers from a selection of Deaf and Disability Film Festivals across the globe.

filmpro continues to amass an extraordinary archive of film created by Deaf and disabled filmmakers. All submissions to Caglar Kimyoncu at: Disability Film in Focus

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From freak shows to fitting rooms, disabled people have been scrutinised for generations and objectified on screen, fair game for pity or ridicule. From 1998 - 2006 the UK led the way in Disability Film Festivals, showcasing the work of Deaf and Disabled filmmakers on the international circuit and reshaping the way our images are portrayed. The past ten years has seen an explosion of talent in filmmaking thanks to developments in computer software and mobile devices. More importantly attitudes have changed. There are a number of exciting and energetic creative festivals across the globe screening the superb talents of Deaf and Disabled filmmakers internationally. Follow Disability Film in Focus via filmpro to stay in touch with the latest developments

Julie McNamara Artistic Director, Vital Xposure