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Julie Mc & Rachel High in Steak & Chelsea

Steak & Chelsea Out To Lunch

Two sisters meet up after 8 years apart. Secrets in the family are about to burst. One's been doing time. The other has blossomed, and lives in style. Now who's in charge? This dark comedy explodes the myths around disability, sexualty and power.    

Starring Rachel High of Adelaide as Chelsea and Julie McNamara, London based playwright as Steak. Directed by Paolo Castro in 2008, this was a new commission from No Strings Attached Theatre of disability in partnership with Daniel Clarke director of Feast Festival, Adelaide.

© Charlotte Picton

Presented in 2009 at Brady Arts Studio London       

Director                             Caglar Kimyoncu  
Lighting Designer               Gursen Houssein
Stage Manager                   Alan Clifton
et and Costume                Charlotte Picton

Julie & Phillip as Derby and Joan

Derby & Joan

Two fading artistes in a hospice for Queers in reduced circumstances.Too long in the tooth and too short a fuse. How far do you have to go to get rid of a serious irritation? Both dressed to kill, riddled with acerbic wit and politically incorrect ravings. Which bitch will win the day?

Phillip Patston (Diversityworks) New Zealand's national treasure, acclaimed sit down comedian and raconteur, pairs up with Julie McNamara in this scratch performance of their dirty work.

© Nathan / PJ Rose

Julie in Pig's Sister

Pig's Sister

Written by Julie McNamara and directed by Jessica Higgs

In association with Theatre Workshop Edinburgh, Degenerate 3 Two moulding old inmates and one dead body abandoned in a care home in a macabre tale of identity, survival and kippers.  Pig and Sissy have opted out of the weekly shopping spree in the hope of time alone. But being alone may prove dangerous. A comic and surreal landscape emerges where 'Every woman for herself' becomes the order of the day.

Pig's Sister starred      Hazel Maycock and Julie McNamara
Caglar Kimyoncu
Lighting Design          Crin Claxton
Set Design                 
Jo Paul

© Caglar Kimyoncu

Web Design: Lesley Willis and Julie McNamara            © Julie McNamara 2011




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'This little piggy went to market...'

Pig is a female child raised as a boy. Pig's warring Liverpool Irish family are haunted by the rigid teachings of the Catholic church. Disappointed with their lot and dislocated from their roots, the family implodes. Pig lures us into the chaos and confusion of an adolescence set against the brutality of the Mental Health System. An extraordinary tale, told through raw humour, compassion and bare-faced cheek.

Commissioned by Jackson's Lane and Oval House Theatre, as the flagship of the Xposure Festival of Disability Arts in November 2002. The production toured internationally until February 2008

(Critics Choice, The Times T2, Sunday Telegraph)

Written and performed by   

Julie McNamara

Director                 Jessica Higgs
Designer                Katherina Radeva
Lighting Design      Crin Claxton
Visual Director       Maria Robinson
Visual Editor          Caglar Kimyoncu
Sound                   Liv  Elliot

Pig Tales

Julie & piglet

© Michele Martinoli