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Let Me Stay is a tender and unique exploration of the impact of Alzheimer’s on family relations. Julie McNamara has recorded her Mother's songs and stories, filmed and photographed her in all her glory, over many years. The result is a compelling piece of theatre, an extraordinary love letter straight from the heart, welded with a wicked underlying humour.

Forget any apologetic withdrawal from life, rather think of it as a shedding of all care, with two fingers up at the world and a constant sense of glee.

The entire piece has been creatively led by Julie McNamara working gently beside her Mother Shirley as she selected the slides for the opening of the show, recording the songs she wanted included and the final message she delivers. Award winning filmmaker, Caglar Kimyoncu filmed Shirley over several years, edited all the clips and Shirley chose the final selection.

The title of the show Let Me Stay is from the refrain of one of Shirley's favourite songs.

For Shirley McNamara - 'Queen of the Mersey'.


At last a challenge to the negative trope around Alzheimers - A heart warming story of living well with dementia, one breath at a time.

Director Paulette Randall Writer Julie McNamara

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