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Vital Xposure

Let Me Stay

Director - Paulette Randall Designer - Libby Watson
Lighting - Crin Claxton

A fresh take on living well with dementia currently touring the UK.

The show had a sell out tour in Pernambuco, Brazil. And a whirlwind visit to Picture This... film festival, Calgary 2015.


Vital Xposure - Cutting edge theatre. Vital stories

Vital Xposure is a bold, dynamic new production company operating under the creative leadership of disabled artist Julie McNamara. Created in 2011 the company sets out to promote hidden voices with extraordinary stories to tell.

Our Aims:
. Engage with hidden voices with extraordinary stories to tell from
people on the periphery of our communities.

. Create highly visual work that blends strong imagery with
    provocative literary narrative.

. Challenge common assumptions and inequality.

. Ensure access is at the heart of everything the company does.

. Push the boundaries - opening new ways to engage with the arts.

. Collaborate and partner with others in the arts nationally and

The mission:

is to create exciting, innovative theatrical experiences for audiences, artists and communities alike. All work presents an inclusive experience where access issues do not intrude upon the aesthetic of the productions.

The company has recently been awarded National Portfolio status from Arts Council England for the period 2012 - 2015.

Company values:

Social Justice . Excellence . Integrity . Inclusive practises . Collaboration
The company offers multi layered theatre productions ensuring quality training and work experiences for talented disabled artists. Our theatre productions lift the lid on vital social issues and uncover new voices in the arts.



Vital Xposure is a company limited by guarantee
registered in England and Wales no.07488858

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